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To Use the App

1. Add Device:
For this motor, a Zigbee Hub is required to be added into App first. After a hub is added, add the motor as a subdevice of this hub.


1.1 Add Zigbee Hub (aka Zigbee Wireless Gateway)
Make sure indicator light on hub (red) is blinking fast. Select ''+ and Add Device'' on top right corner. Choose ''Zigbee Hub'''' from the list and tap on ''Wireless Gateway (Zigbee)''. Use WiFi 2.4GHz for mobile phone, make sure WiFi name and password correct. Tap on ''Next'' and ''Confirm the indicator is blinking'' and ''Next''. Select ''Done'' after device added successfully.



1.2 Add Zigbee Motor
On the phone, turn on Bluetooth & location. Next, turn on motor and beep sound generated. Choose ''Add'' After motor added, click on ''Pencil'' icon, user can rename and assign device to a room, then choose ''Done'' when it's completed.
Rename, assign device to room, add/ delete room can also be done any time after device added.



1.3 The motor not added, what should user do?
Get the motor to enter pairing mode (choose method 1 or method 2, video guide below)

Method 1: Press the reset button 3 times continuously, 3 times beep sound generated and the motor is in pairing mode

Method 2:
Choose the correct remote channel, Press P2 button once (at the back of remote control), Press Up once and the same P2 button once. 3 times beep sound generated. Motor is in pairing mode now.

After the motor enter pairing mode by method 1 or method 2, please follow the guide in step 1.2 to add the motor again.

2. Rename Device:
User can rename all their blinds freely.

3. Create Tap-to-Run: 
Tap-to-Run is a ''shorcut button'' in App, for user to tap on it to control blinds.


3.1 Tap-to-Run Specific Position:
Create a Tap-to-Run for specific blind positions, in percentage.

4. Create Widget in Android & iOS:
The main purpose of a control widget is to display App functions, so that user can control blinds from home screen without having to open the app. 



5. Create Automation:

Preset condition(s), so blinds & other devices can be automated. For example in the video, the blind closes every day on 8pm.  

Link Sanse Smart App to Google, used for set up voice control & automation/ routine in Google Home App. 

7. Create Automation in Google Home App:
After set up, user can configure automation for Sanse Smart devices to work with devices of other Apps.
In this video, we only show the method to create automation for devices of Sanse Smart. 


Enquiries about the App 
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