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To Use The App

1. Add Device:
Connect to WiFi 2.4GHz, turn on bluetooth & location, press & hold Set2 button, until Set1 indicator light blinks continuously. Choose ''Add'' after devices found, confirm WiFi information correct and click ''Next''. After device added, click on ''Pencil'' icon, user can rename and assign device to a room, then choose ''Done'' when it's completed.

Rename, assign device to room, add/ delete room can also be done any time after device added. User can control the device by using control panel as shown in this video. 



2. Rename Device: 
User can edit device name freely. 

3. Use control panel:
Open control panel to control device, in list view or grid view

For full blackout, tap on close and wait for the shade to be fully closed, then adjust curtain position to 0% or 100%.

4. Assign device to a specific room:
User can assign device to a room, and also add room or delete room.  

5. Create Tap-to-Run:
Tap-to-Run is ''shorcut-button'' in App. If the created tap-to-runs not needed, user can delete and recreate.

For full blackout, please tap ''Close'' and wait for the shade to befully closed, then tap ''Blackout Right'' or Blackout Left''.  

6. Create Automation:
Preset condition(s), so blinds & other devices can be automated. Example, the blind opens every day on 7:40am.

7. Create Widget in Android and iOS Phones:
The main purpose of a control widget is to display App functions, so that user can control blinds from home screen without having to open the app


8. Link to Google:
Link Sanse Smart App to Google, used for set up voice control & automation/ routine in Google Home App

9. Create Automation/ Routine in Google:
After set up, user can configure automation/ routine for Sanse Smart devices to work with devices of other Apps.
In this video, we only show the method to create automation/ routine for devices of Sanse Smart.


Enquiries about the App 
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